Biochemize S.L. is able to perform the following biotransformations:

  • Oxidations / Reductions
  • Hydration / Dehydration
  • Glycosilations
  • Sulfidations / Sulfoxidations
  • Aromatic Chlorination
  • N-, O-, S-methylation
  • Nitrilation
  • Alkylation / Dealkylation
  • Amide and Ester formation / hydrolysis
  • Potentially, any biotransformation already described…

We have access to a wide and up to date range of biocatalyst options of our property or from our partners

Our most recent experience is based on the following processes and reactions (for more details, check out our catalog):

Racemic resolutions 

  • Hydronaphtalene derivatives by oxidative deamination
  • Hydronaphtalene derivatives by acylation
  • Alkenyldiol derivatives
  • 1-amino-2-propanol derivatives
  • Piperidine /hydroquinoline derivatives
  • Flavolignan derivatives
  • Arylpropionic acids with anti-inflammatory activity

Esterifications and amidations 

  • Penicillin derivatives
  • Amidation of peptides with fatty acids
  • Polycyclic acid and polyalcohol derivatives
  • Glycerol and several fatty acids
Aldolic additions
  • Aldolic  addition between acrolein and an alkenylketone

Oxoreduction processes 

  • Hydronaphtalene derivatives
  • Vegetable oils dehydrogenation
  • Carbonyl reduction of a hydroxyketone derivative
  • Hydroxylation of alkane derivatives
  • Hydroxylation of aromatic rings


  • gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Hydrations and dehydrations  

  • Fructose dehydration
  • Hydration of insaturated fatty acid derivatives

Microbial fermentations processes 

  • Aminosugar derivatives
  • Steroid derivatives
  • Prebiotics
  • Vitamin K derivatives
  • Sesquiterpenoid hydrolactone derivative
  • Anti-infective compounds
  • alpha-lipoic acid

Enzyme production processes