P2B Discovery is an approach to perform biotransformations that can lead to a (new) chemical entity with improved features compared to the starting molecule

This approach is ideal to modify molecules with a complex structure or different functional groups that can be affected when trying to make them react by synthetic procedures.

The biotransformation can be:

  • Directed:  The type of transformation is selected based on the functional group or structure targeted.
    • Exploratory:  The transformations applicable are diverse in order to test what kind of molecules can be obtained from a given starting structure or what kind of final properties may be achieved.

Biochemize S.L. can supply small amounts of (new) chemical entities obtained through P2B Discovery and different development phases.

Once the molecules are tested and proven to be promising, a Bioprocess can be set-up to scale-up the production.

P2B Discovery can be used to obtain new lead, lead optimization, me-too and me-better compounds from already available structures and for other applications.

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