SYNERGY: Industrial Applications of extremophile and biocatalyst microorganisms

The Colombian government has awarded a grant to the Sanitation and Environmental Biotechnology Unit (USBA, Department of Biology), of the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, in cooperation with Biochemize S.L., for the initiation of a project of screening and optimization of new esterases and lipases obtained from native microbial strains, in order to develop complex esterifications. Biochemize SL aims to expand the current portfolio of high peformanced lipases and esterases.

Joint Venture with Polyclone

Biochemize and Polyclone have an agreement to start a joint venture. Polyclone is a company expertise in molecular, cell & computational biology catering to the bio-pharma & healthcare industries. Polyclone is headquartered in Bangalore, India with presence in Europe and US.

Biochemize-Polyclone Meeting at Bangalore