Biocatalysis is the use of natural catalysts, such as enzymes, to carry out chemical transformations on organic compounds. For this purpose, enzymes can be used isolated or still present inside living cells or extracts of these.

Biochemize S.L. is using a technological platform based on biocatalysis to perform chemical reactions able to substitute manufacturing processes based on classical organic chemistry.

Our technology  allows us to develop Bioprocesses based on biocatalysis by considering additional aspects related to manufacture: technology needed, timing, yield, costs, risks.

Bioprocesses have several advantages over synthetic procedures:

  • Specificity: Bioprocesses are highly selective
  • Productivity / Cost effectiveness: Enzymes are high efficient catalysts and can be recovered and used several times
  • Cost of Energy: Mild or moderate reaction conditions can be applied
  • Less hazardous: Reagents and reaction conditions are less dangerous than in synthetic procedures
  • Environmental friendly: Residues generated are less toxic and the disposal is usually more easy to manage