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Agrobiofood Forum

Biochemize will attend to the Agrobiofood Engineering Forum on Thursday, 7th of May, in Castelldefels (Barcelona). It is an open congress organized by the Agricultural College of Barcelona (ESAB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). This forum is a meeting place for university talent and leader companies from the agrobiofood sector.

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Industry Expert Workshop

Biochemize will attend to the 2nd Industry Expert Workshop: A Joint Dissemination Activity by the EU Projects Micro B3, MaCuMBA and PharmaSea. The workshop is titled Marine Micr’Omics for Biotech Applications, an is going to take place in Colmenar Viejo (Spain), on 30-31 March 2015.

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Commercial Mission in Korea and Japan

The Enterprise & Employment Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia has organized a commercial mission to South Korea and Japan for several catalan entities from different sectors. Biochemize, from the biopharma sector, has participated in the event in order to look for business opportunities, investments and collaborations.

Biochemize confirms its participation in the European Project CARBAZYMES

Biochemize, S.L. confirms its participation in the international project CARBAZYMES “Sustainable industrial processes based on a C-C bond-forming enzyme platform”, which starts in February, and includes the participation of 14 enterprises and research centers from 5 different countries and is funded by the European Comission Horizon 2020 Program. This project will be developed for the next four years.

Industrial chemical processes carried out through “classic” chemistry and catalysis are often hazardous, expensive and a waste of energy. In contrast, enzymes catalyze the natural “manufacture and modification” of molecules with exquisite selectivity, unparalleled rate acceleration and under mild reaction conditions. Thus, “biocatalysis” has the potential to improve chemical processes in compliance with the concept and principles of Green Chemistry. Moreover, biocatalysis can holistically improve economic, social and environmental aspects of industrial processes.

During its course, the CARBAZYMES project will develop the biocatalytic synthesis of 4 APIs and 3 bulk chemicals representative of market needs in a scale technique and using a broad platform of 4 types of unique C-C bond formation enzymes.

Thus CARBAZYMES project will open the doors to the development of biocatalytic synthesis routes of greatest need chemicals and so gradually lead to the conversion if classical chemical industry to other  new more efficient and sustainable.

Find Biochemize at innogetCloud-SUSCHEM SPAIN

innogetCloud is an open innovation software, commercialized as “Software as a Service (SaaS)”. The goal of innogetCloud is that all the members which compound the organization could interact and collaborate through their own open innovation marketplace.

Thanks to our association with the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SUSCHEM), you can find Biochemize in the latest technology offers in Genetic Engineering/Molecular Biology, Medical/Health related, Industrial Products, Physical and Exact Sciences, Biological Sciences.

Biochemize is defined as Technological platform focused on biocatalysis to perform chemical reactions capable to substitute manufacturing processes (technology needed, timing, yield, costs, risks) based on classical organic chemistry. Find us at:

Biochemize and Polyclone sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Biochemize from Catalonia and Polyclone from Bengaluru signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in the field of Enzyme Engineering – an area with many applications across the interdisciplinary subsectors of biotechnology.

This collaboration came about as a result of the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) EU-India biotechnology mission last year, where a partnering session was organized to foster EU-India business and research relationships.

Dr. Geetha Swamilingiah (Biotechnology Sector Specialist, EBTC) recent said that “We at EBTC are more than happy to help both companies to seal the deal while helping them to address a few of the issues related to the regulatory frameworks, IPR issues and technology transfer hurdles moving forward.”

This collaboration will help to reach sinergies between experimental work and in silico models.

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And the winner is… BioConSepT!

Last Wednesday evening, Dirk Verdoes received the CommNet Impact Award for the Serious Game on behalf of the BioConSepT team for best research communication towards policy makers.

BioConSepT was rewarded for excellence in research communication. At the Final Conference of CommNet the BioConSepT Serious Game won the award for best dissemination towards policy makers. BioConSepT coordinator Dirk Verdoes (TNO) proudly received the award at the ceremony in Brussels. The BioConSepT Serious Game is an innovative edutainment tool targeting European decision makers. Developed by Tygron and promoted by the dissemination team of RTDS the game helps to understand the principles and needs of the bioeconomy.

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